Garden waste collection services


Renew your green bin garden waste collection service online 

Renewing your existing subscription for the next year

If you are already using the scheme you can now renew your subscription (for 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016) through the online customer portal (My Account). To do this you will need a debit or credit card to hand. There is a 1.5% transaction fee for credit cards, but no transaction fee for a debit card.

Please note: if you have signed up for the Council's email newsletter you also need to sign up to My Account to renew your Green Bin.

Wheeled bin or compostable sacks 

For an annual charge residents are either loaned a 240 litre green wheeled bin or sold a roll of 50 compostable garden waste sacks which break down at the composting site.

The bins and sacks are collected from properties and emptied every fortnight (excluding two weeks over the Christmas period). 

The collected waste is then sent to a composting facility where it is turned into a soil improver, and prevents valuable materials going to landfill.

With the convenience of household collections, there is no need to drive to Gerpins Lane Reuse and Recycling Centre with garden waste. In addition, even with home composting, there are often materials that do not compost well in a home compost bin (such as larger, woody materials) and occasionally the sheer quantity of garden waste can be hard to manage without such a service.

Garden waste collection service costs

The scheme runs from April to March each year. Concessionary prices are available to residents who are aged 60 and over or receive Income or Disability Support. We may request you to provide proof of eligibility.

​Green wheeled bins
Full year (Apr 2015 - Mar 2016)
​Full rate ​Concession rate
​First bin ​£35.50 £28.50​
​Second and subsequent bins (each) £​28.50 ​£22.50
​Green wheeled bins
Half year (Oct 2015 - Mar 2016)
​Full rate Concession rate​
​First bin ​£21.00 £17.00​
​Green compostable sacks
​Full rate Concession rate​
​Roll of 50 sacks ​£35.50 ​£28.50​

​Additional 'top up' compostable sacks are available in rolls of 10 for £7 (full rate) or £5.60 (concession rate). Both have a delivery charge of £4, although this is waived if you purchase 5 or more rolls in one transaction.

How do I sign up to the service?

If you are a new customer and would like to join the wheeled bin service, or order a roll of compostable sacks please call  01708 432563 (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm). 

The wheeled bins / sacks will be delivered up to 28 working days (excluding public holidays) after you receive your welcome pack.

Why is there a charge?

The fee you pay is to cover the costs of running the Garden Waste service.

When will my green garden waste be collected?

When you join the service your welcome letter will state whether your collection will be a 'week 1' or 'week 2' collection. Usually this will be on the same day as your normal refuse collection, but isn't always the case.

You can download the collection dates calendar below:

Garden waste collection days 2015-2016

You can also check your collection day using the online postcode lookup.  ​​​​​