Parks in Havering (A-H)

Here is an alphabetical list of parks in the borough from A to H.​ Please also check out Havering Parks (I-Z)​.

Abbey Wood Open Space

Abbey Wood Lane, Rainham, RM13 9QH
An area of amenity open space adjacent ​to a privately owned lake giving direct access to Hornchurch Country Park.  It is the start of a walk along the Ingrebourne Valley which reaches Hornchurch Stadium in Upminster.

Bancroft Chase Open Space

Bancroft Chase, Hornchurch, RM12 4DR
Small open space with children’s play area which is used by the local community. Links to The Chase Local Nature Reserve and in turn to Harrow Lodge Park.

Bedfords Park

Broxhill Road, Havering-Atte-Bower, RM4 1QH
Lower Bedfords Road, Rise Park, RM1 4DG      
Once a privately owned estate, this is one of Havering’s largest parks and has achieved Green Flag status since 2007.  It is also a designated Local Nature Reserve.  It is home of a herd of captive red deer which are a popular attraction. The extensive grounds of meadow and mature woodland provide a variety of walks and the opportunity to bird watch.  Worth visiting is the impressive visitor’s centre which is run by the Essex Wildlife Trust.   There you can buy light refreshments and relax and enjoy the panoramic views across the borough to London and beyond. The local ‘friends group’ meets regularly in the park and works in partnership with the Council.  

 Bedfords Park

Bretons Outdoor Recreation Centre

Rainham Road, South Hornchurch, RM13 7LP
A large, mainly open recreation ground supporting a variety of activities including football, and model flying.  There is also a large lake surrounded by mature trees.

Brittons Playing Field

Rainham Road, South Hornchurch, RM13 7LJ
Ford Lane, South Hornchurch, RM13 7AT
An open recreation field which caters for formal and informal recreation.  Facilities include a children’s play area and skate/BMX park.  
 Brittons Playing Field

Brookway Open Space

Brookway, Rainham, RM13 9HW
Small open space with play area for children and young people.

Central Park

Petersfield Avenue, Harold Hill, RM3 9PB
Gooshays Drive, Harold Hill, RM3 9LB
Dagnam Park Drive, Harold Hill, RM3 9DL
An extensive parkland of open fields and undulating woodland providing opportunities for pleasant walks and bird watching.   There is also a large play site and trim trail.

Chelmsford Avenue Play site

Chelmsford Avenue, Collier Row, RM5 3XH
A small site surrounded by housing.  Used mainly by local children for play.

Chudleigh Road Open Space

Chudleigh Road, Harold Hill, RM3 9AU
An area of open amenity grassland, adjacent to Paines Brook, used for active and passive recreation.

Clockhouse Gardens

St Mary’s Lane, Upminster, RM14 3DH
A small, peaceful, ornamental garden in the middle of Upminster providing an area for visitors to relax. The medieval moat in the park attracts swans and a variety of wildfowl.  The local ‘friends group’ meets regularly in the  park and works in partnership with the Council.   

Collier Row Green Link

Carter Drive, Collier Row, RM5 3HF
A long narrow area of grassland adjacent to the River Rom suitable for walking and bird-watching. 

Collier Row Recreation Ground 

Collier Row Road, Collier Row, RM5 2BD
This is a pleasant local park and play site, including a multi-use games area. The River Rom forms one boundary and access can be gained at the north end of the park to Collier Row Green Link.

Coronation Gardens

Main Road, Romford, RM1 3BL
Situated in Main Road, between the Town Hall and the Magistrates Courts, these public gardens were for many years the burial ground of St. Edward’s Church, Romford.  The original tomb stones can still be seen at the rear of the garden.   A peaceful haven for relaxation a short distance from the bustle of central Romford.

Cottons Park

London Road, Romford, RM7 9QX
Cottons Approach, Romford, RM7 7AA
Marks Road, Romford, RM7 7AH
Recreation Avenue, Romford, RM7 9ET
This is a large, well used, urban park on the edge of Romford Town Centre catering for all ages. Green Flag status has been achieved since 2009. For an urban park there is a good amount of wildlife with varied habitats in the borders and meadow. Facilities include a play site, multi-use games ball court, skate/BMX park and outdoor gym. In 2009 a circle of sculptured logs were installed to commemorate the six local civilians who lost their lives as a result of German bombing during World War II. The local ‘friends group’ meets regularly in the park and works in partnership with the Council. 
  Cottons Park

Cranham Brickfields

Sunnycroft Gardens, Cranham, RM14 1HR
Diverse open space with a good pathway network which is a designated Local Nature Reserve and access to woodland.  Facilities include children’s play site.  

Dagnam Park

Settle Road, Harold Hill, RM3 9XR
Chequers Road, Noak Hill, RM3 7NA
Sedgefield Crescent, Harold Hill, RM3 9RS
Whitchurch Road, Harold Hill, RM3 9EH
Known locally as The Manor, this extensive parkland covers open fields, mature woodland and established ponds.  It has a rich interesting history as well as being abundant in natural fauna and flora.  The park provides ample areas for leisurely pursuits including bird watching, nature walks, picnics and informal sport.  It is also the start of the Ingrebourne Way Connect 2 route in the north of the borough.   
 Dagnam Park

Elliot Playing Field

Hubbards Chase, Emerson Park, RM11 3DJ
Open space surrounded by countryside used by local residents for informal recreation.

Fielders Sports Ground

Cromer Road, Hornchurch, RM11 1EY
A field bordering Langtons Gardens, that is used for cricket by resident club and by local residents for informal recreation.

Fleet Close Open Space

Fleet Close, Cranham,  RM14 1PS

Small open space with play equipment for younger children and access to countryside

Gaynes Parkway

Hacton Lane, Hornchurch, RM14 2NL
Southview Drive, Upminster, RM14 2LL
Bridge Avenue, Upminster, RM14 2LX
A linear open space running alongside the River Ingrebourne and is part of the Ingrebourne Valley.  There is a pathway that runs between Hornchurch Stadium and Hacton Lane which provides for good walking and cycling opportunity.  For those with more energy access can be gained on foot or cycle between Hornchurch Stadium in the north end of the valley and Hornchurch Country Park and towards Rainham to the south. 

Gidea Park Sports Ground

Main Road,  Romford, RM2 6NP
Situated at Gallows Corner this sports ground was acquired by the Council in 1943.  Used mainly for cricket and bowls by the resident clubs and by local residents for informal recreation.
  Gidea Park Sports Ground

Grenfell Park

Edison Close, Hornchurch, RM12 4DV
Rush Green Road, RM7 0PT
Location Map
Lying next to the YMCA at Roneo Corner this parkland runs alongside the River Rom.  Much of the area is used for conservation purposes with links to The Chase Nature Reserve.  There is also a children’s play site and a field for informal recreation.

Hacton Parkway

Hacton Lane, Hornchurch, RM14 2NL
Newmarket Way, Hornchurch, RM12 6DS
Hurst Park Avenue, Hornchurch, RM12 6DJ
This park lies alongside the banks of the River Ingrebourne and is part of the Ingrebourne Valley.  Forming part of the link between Hornchurch Stadium and Hornchurch Country Park it is an excellent area for walking and informal recreation. There is a play site, multi-use ball court and outdoor gym sited next to the car park.

Hall Lane Mini Golf Course

Hall Lane, Upminster, RM14 1AQ
A pitch and putt golf course set in pleasant surroundings, including many mature trees.  A great attraction for budding golfers.  This site is pay and play and the opening times will vary throughout the year. 
Visit the Hall Lane golf course webpage to find out more. 

Harold Wood Park

Squirrels Heath Road, Harold Wood, RM3 0LX 
Recreation Avenue, Harold Wood, RM3 0TD 
A large park which has achieved Green Flag status since 2009 A grid of footpaths provides the opportunity for circular walks from the car park.  Facilities include a summer meadow, play site, multi-use ball court, skate/BMX equipment, tennis courts and outdoor gym.  The resident sports association use the park for football and cricket.  The River Ingrebourne runs along on boundary of the park across which access can be gained to Pages Wood, a site managed by the Forestry Commission, and part of the Thames Chase woodland.  The local ‘friends group' meets regularly in the park and works in partnership with the Council.   

Harrow Lodge Park

Hornchurch Road, Hornchurch, RM11 1JR
Warren Drive, Elm Park, RM12 4QU
Upper Rainham Road, Elm Park, RM12 4EZ
Harrow Lodge is one of the largest parks in the borough and also one of the most popular due to the facilities provided.  There are several car parks located throughout the park allowing easy access.  The River Ravensbourne cuts a path through the park before entering the first of two large mature lakes, one of which is used for boating.  Other facilities include a café, 2 play sites and multi-use ball courts (at either end of the park) and tennis courts.  
The park is used by the resident clubs for cricket and hockey and local teams can also hire football pitches.  Set inside the park at its north boundary is Hornchurch Sports Centre.  A popular location for major events including the Havering Show and visiting fairgrounds.  The local ‘friends group’ meets regularly in the park and works in partnership with the Council. 

Harrow Lodge Park

Havering Country Park

Pinewood Road, Havering-Atte-Bower, RM4 1PB
Wellingtonia Avenue, Havering-Atte-Bower, RM4 1QP
St Johns Road, Collier Row, RM5 2RT
Clockhouse Lane, Collier Row, RM5 3PH
Large country park with good mixture of grassland and woodland.  Formerly part of the estate of Havering Palace with Charles I being the last monarch to stay there in the 17th century.  There is an impressive avenue of Wellingtonia trees (Giant Redwoods), which is one of two plantations in the country.  This park provides good links from both the urban environment and Havering-Atte-Bower Village into the surrounding countryside.  There are also bridleways which run through the park that are used by local horse riders.  The local ‘friends group’ works in partnership with the Council.   

Havering Village Green

North Road, Havering-Atte-Bower, RM4 1PL
Situated in the ancient village of Havering-Atte-Bower the green lies in front of the Church of St John.  Of historical interest are the old stocks that can still be seen on one corner of the green. 

Haynes Park

Slewins Lane, Hornchurch, RM11 2BU
Northumberland Drive, Hornchurch
Haynes Road, Hornchurch
A large urban park used for both formal and informal recreation.  Facilities include a children’s play site, multi-use games ball court and tennis courts.  Local teams can also hire football pitches

Hornchurch Country Park

Squadrons Approach, Hornchurch, RM12 6TS
South End Road, South Hornchurch, RM13 7YD
Large country park that has a good mix of heritage and ecology.  The park was awarded gold in the Best Country Park category for London in Bloom 2011.  The former RAF Hornchurch base was used during the First and Second World Wars. Squadrons of Spitfires based here played an important role protecting London during the Battle of Britain.  Various artefacts and relics of the site’s RAF history are still visible from within the park including, an aircraft dispersal bay, pillboxes, and Tett turrets. A designated Local Nature Reserve, the park is an integral part of the Ingrebourne Valley which is rich in wildlife and has good opportunities for bird watching. ​The marshes (containing freshwater reed bed in London) is a Site of Special Scientific Interest.  The park has open areas of grassland for informal recreation and a lake which can be used for fishing.  The play area includes model Spitfire which is used as climbing equipment.  For those visitors who wish to exercise then there is an outdoor gym and ‘trim-trail’ which extends throughout the park.
Hornchurch Country Park

Hylands Park

Osbourne Road, Hornchurch, RM11 1HA
Hyland Way, Hornchurch, RM11 1DZ
Globe Road, Hornchurch, RM11 1BN 
An urban park situated in the middle of residential housing having achieved Green Flag status since 2008.  A circular tree lined pathway traces the outside boundary of the park.  This allows easy access to all areas and gives visitors a pleasant route to follow, whether they wish to take a gentle stroll or a more energetic jog. Facilities include a children’s play site, multi-use games ball court, outdoor gym and tennis courts. The resident clubs use the park for cricket and football.​​

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