Repairs to your council home

​Please read your Tenancy Agreement​ to find a comprehensive list of the​ repairs that we are responsible for, and those that you are responsible for.

Whether you are a council tenant or a leaseholder, while you are living in your home (and when you leave your home) you may have to ​pay for certain repairs which are not the responsibility of the Council.​​​​​​​​​

Report a repair​

If you think a rep​air is the Council's responsibility​​​​​​ then you can report this in any of the following​ ways:


Report ​a repair online by registering with/logging into SeeMyData​

If you are a smartphone user then you can download the My Landlord app, take a photo of the problem and submit to the Councils housing repair team.

You can download the app from Google play or if you have an iPhone please download via the app store or iTunes
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You can also report repairs:

Please try to give as much detail as you can when reporting your repair as this will help to ensure your repair is completed on the first visit.​

Further information