Taxi cards for disabled people

The Taxi Card scheme allows people with disabilities to use black cabs at reduced fares. You must be unable to use public transport because of permanent disability. Application forms are available from Social Services or the Welfare Rights Unit.

The purpose of the Taxi Card scheme is to provide a means of transport for those who are chronically disabled in order that they may make social trips out. It is not to be used to provide transport for hospital or clinic appointments.

All journeys made must either commence or finish in the borough.


To be eligible you must be unable or virtually unable to use buses or trains because of either blindness or any permanent or long-term disability/injury which seriously impairs your ability to walk. The scheme is not available to people who suffer temporary disabilities (e.g. a broken leg).

To join the scheme you must:

1. Be able to use ordinary black taxis
2. Have access to a telephone (for booking taxis)
3. Be resident in one of the participating London boroughs

For further information on eligibility call 01708 433843.

How does the Taxi Card Scheme work?

You telephone the taxi contractor operating the scheme to book a taxi.  Alternatively, you can use a taxi rank or hail in the street. At the end of the journey you pay a flat rate which is set by the borough.

Payments are as follows:

For the first £10.80 on the meter you will pay £2.50.  Thereafter, you will need to pay the difference between the final fare and £10.80, on top of the £2.50 set fare.

The annual allocation of rides is to be taken between 1 April and 31​ March each year.  The Taxi Card itself does not need to be renewed, however, on the 1st April each year a new allocation of rides will be awarded to ongoing users.

Taxi Cards and Freedom Passes

If you hold a Freedom Pass and would like a Taxi card it will be necessary for you to make a choice between the following:

Holding the taxi card only and receiving a maximum of 104 trips (per annum).

Holding the freedom pass as well as the Taxi card and receiving a maximum of 36 Taxi Card trips only (per annum). ​