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​Housing Consultation - Have Your Say

The consultation on the Council's new Housing Policies has now closed.

We asked members of the public and housing professionals to let us know what they thought of proposed changes made to key housing policies including those made to the Housing Allocation Scheme, the new Homeless Placements Policy and revisions made to the Tenancy Policy.

The consultation ended on 4 April 2016.

We are taking your feedback into consideration for the full draft of each policy. The results of the consultation are currently being analysed. Once finalised, the details will be published on our website. The final policies will be submitted to the Council's Cabinet in June 2016 for approval and formal adoption.

Thank you to everyone who took part.

What we consulted on:

The housing consultation was an online survey run for a period of 6 weeks from Monday 22 February to Monday 4 April 2016. The consultation covered information on the proposed changes made to key housing policies including;

  • Housing Allocation Policy
    This is being reviewed and covers eligibility for, and letting of social housing (Council and Housing Association housing)

  • Homeless Placements Policy
    This is a new policy which has been developed and covers the type of temporary and settled accommodation available for homeless households and the prioritisation criteria that will be used in making placements

  • Tenancy Strategy and Tenancy Policy
    These are being updated and cover the Council's approach to the use of flexible tenancies for social tenants in Havering.