Corporate Management Team (CMT)

Havering Council's top level management team comprises ​the Chief Executive, Chief Operating Officer, Directors and oneSource Managing Director.​​​​​​​​

Each member of the Council's Corporate Leadership Team has key areas of responsibility, but together are jointly responsible (under the Chief Executive) for turning the strategic direction of the Council – set by its elected councillors – into operational policy.

CLT is also responsible for the forward-looking approach to delivering services and its transformation programme - ensuring the Council is best placed to meet the future needs of the community within the funding available. This involves working in partnership with other local authorities, the private, public and voluntary sectors and ensuring service delivery changes to meet the demands of new legislation.

All CLT post holders are non-political and cannot participate in party political activity. They give advice and assistance to all councillors irrespective of their political party.

Heads of Service, who report to individual members of CLT, are responsible for the operational day-to-day activities that deliver services to the community.

Chief Executive

The Chief Executive is the principal advisor to the Council and Head of the Paid Service. The Council's Interim Corporate Leadership Team includes a Chief Operating Officer, five directors and an assistant director. Between them they manage all of the Council's activities and deliver over 300 services every day.

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Group Director: Children, Adults and Housing

The Group Director: Children, Adults and Housing is responsible for services that support and safeguard Havering residents of all ages including those most in need of help from the Council.

Within the Group Director’s responsibilities is the social care provided to both children and adults and services that look after some of the borough's most vulnerable residents including those with drug and alcohol problems. She is also responsible for services that enable London’s largest older population to live independently for as long as possible.

The Group Director works closely with local NHS partners and other councils to join-up the delivery of health and social care services.

Her Directorate is also responsible for the borough’s housing service, which includes the management of over 10,000 homes and a multi million pound home improvement programme​. It is also responsible for the services to schools that remain within the role of the education authority.

Service areas within this Directorate are:

Children's Social Care enquires should be directed to the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH), 01708 433222, c/o Town Hall, Main Road, Romford, RM1 3BD

Group Director: Community and Resources

The role of Group Director Culture: Community and Economic Development involves the core mainstream services that residents and visitors rely on. This includes collecting rubbish and recycling from nearly 100,000 homes and maintaining over 300 miles of roads and 600 miles of pavements in the borough.

The Group Director is also responsible for the borough’s award-winning parks, libraries, leisure centres, a wide ranging culture and arts programme and regulatory services including planning, building control, public protection, emergency planning, registration and bereavement services. He is also responsible for encouraging growth and job creation in the borough.

His Directorate also manages customer services including the Contact Centre and the Havering Council website, as well as communications between the Council and residents.

Service areas within this Directorate are:

OneSource - Managing Di​rectors

OneSource has the two organisations sharing 21 back office services headed by two Joint Managing Directors.

OneSource is built on a successful partnership between two London borough councils - Havering Council and Newham Council.

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