Napier House and New Plymouth House

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Redevelopment to go ahead

Havering Council has identified Napier House and New Plymouth House for possible demolition and redevelopment.

Regeneration Programme Director, Neil Stubbings, has held meetings with tenants and leaseholders to explain the proposals.

During Summer 2016 meetings were held with each individual tenant and leaseholder to identify their individual needs to help to relocate them to suitable alternative accommodation can be given.

Resident's Group

The residents of Napier and New Plymouth House decided against forming a Resident’s Group.

Got a question about the redevelopment?

If you have a question about this redevelopment proposal please email John Bloss from the Housing Services Community Engagement Team.

Mobile advice

Community Engagement Officers will be available to answer questions, update Decant Assessment Forms or provide general advice from the mobile advice unit.

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One-to-one meetings

Most Council tenants at Napier House and New Plymouth House have now had a one-to-one meeting to let us know their housing needs ready for when the decant process starts this autumn.

If you haven’t yet had a meeting please request one using the form below, so we can make sure we know your needs when looking for a suitable void property to offer you.

Book individual meeting

If your circumstances change please let us know by emailing John Bloss

Leaseholders and freeholders

If you are a leaseholder or freeholder wishing to sell your property in Napier House or New Plymouth House, Havering Council is keen to buy the property from you.

A specialist officer, Ian Nolan, has been appointed to negotiate with you.

If you want a meeting with Ian please fill in the form below.

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Local Lettings Plan

A Local Lettings Plan for this regeneration site is being prepared and will give details of the offers the Council will make as well as the help and advice it will provide to tenants, leaseholders and freeholders.
It should be available here later this month. We apologise for the delay in publishing this document.

The main Local Lettings Plan can be viewed here