Brunswick Court

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Residents’ comments lead to further investigations

At a meeting with residents on Tuesday 5 July Interim Director of Housing, Neil Stubbings, explained that following a review of housing for older people in Havering it was proposed to close Brunswick Court sheltered housing scheme, but comments from residents mean Council officers are now making further investigations.

Mr Stubbings said: “During the meeting I was asked why the proposal was to close the scheme when it was the only sheltered housing in the area and I have promised to check what other provision exists and report back at the next meeting.

“Council officers are checking to see what other housing for older people is available in the area, including that in the private sector and from housing associations or other social landlords.

“We are also checking our records to see the level of demand that exists for sheltered housing in the area so we can see whether the available provision will be able to cope with that demand.”

Anyone who has comments they want to make about the future of Brunswick Court can do so using the form below.

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Next meeting

The next meeting will be held from 12 noon until 1pm on Thursday 12 April 2017 in the Communal Lounge at Brunswick Court Sheltered Housing Scheme, Cranham.


So residents can see the other sheltered housing schemes which are available in Havering a coach trip had been arranged for those wishing to see other schemes now.

After the meeting, we became aware that residents felt that going on the coach tour in advance of the final decision could be seen to pre-judge that decision so that trip has now been cancelled.
Therefore we are happy to arrange a further coach trip later, should the final decision be made to close Brunswick Court.

Got a question about the redevelopment?

If you have a question about this redevelopment please email Chelsea Potts from the Housing Services Community Engagement Team.

Local Lettings Plan

A Local Lettings Plan for this regeneration site is being prepared and will give details of the offers the Council will make as well as the help and advice it will provide to tenants, leaseholders and freeholders.

It should be available here later this month. We apologise for the delay in publishing this document.