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Older peoples’ housing review explained

At a meeting with residents on Thursday 21 July 2017, Regeneration Programme Director, Neil Stubbings, explained that following a review of housing for older people in Havering it was proposed to close seven existing sheltered housing schemes and redevelop the sites to provide new homes for local people.

The proposals are that two sites – Royal Jubilee Court in Romford and Serena, Solar and Sunrise in Hornchurch – may be developed as older person’s villages.

Poplar Street older persons’ housing is not scheduled for closure.

Mr Stubbings said: “There is an over-provision of sheltered housing in Havering and we need to make sure we have housing that will meet the needs of our older residents for the next 30 years.

“Of the 800 sheltered housing units we have around 300 which are not fit for purpose as they are bedsit accommodation, are in schemes without lifts to all floors or without proper communal facilities.

“Poplar Street is a popular scheme as many older people like living in bungalows.

There is also a great community spirit here and we want to build on that by making this a community hub, providing support for older people living nearby as well as for those living in Poplar Street.”
More information will be online here as it becomes available

Investing in the future

For those schemes which are remaining open and becoming community hubs the aim is to invest in improvements.

Suggestions for improvements can be made during the individual meetings, which are being scheduled.

Some suggestions were made during the meeting on Thursday 21 July 2017 including:

  • Improving the pavements so they can be used more easily by people in wheelchairs and on mobility scooters
  • Review the windows to see if replacements should be made
  • Check the insulation levels as some bungalows are very cold in winter
  • See what can be done regarding the cost of visitor parking permits for all day visitors
  • If the proposals are approved the way scheme officers operate will be reviewed so they can spend part of their time working at one scheme and some time working with older people in the community.

The commitment that anyone wanting a daily visit from the scheme officer can have one will remain.

Want to influence what’s happening?

If you want to get involved in the plans for future investment in Poplar Street we are looking for a small group of residents to meet with us on a regular basis to discuss proposals.

If you want to be part of that group please email Chelsea Potts or let your Scheme Officer know.

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Who can I contact?

If you have a question about the consultation please email Chelsea Potts

Next meeting date

Thursday 01 March 2018 2.14pm to 3.15pm at Cottons Court and Fambridge Court Communal Lounge, Marks Road, Romford, RM7 7AW.