Chudleigh Road

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​An area of open amenity grassland, adjacent to Paine's Brook, used for active and passive recreation.
This open ground has open access along Chudleigh Road, with additional access to the path at the north and south: Pedestrian access 1. Chudleigh Road, Harold Hill. RM3 9AU. 2. Whitchurch Road, Harold Hill. 3. Dagnam Park Drive, Harold Hill. You can view these locations in Google Maps.
Public transport
The Chudleigh Road open space can be reached easily by taking public transport. The 174 route from Rainham runs along Dagnam Park Drive, which is just a couple of minutes away from the space. Similarly, the 294 route from Havering Park terminates at Noak Hill Drive, but not before passing entrances to the space at Dagnam Park Drive and Whitchurch Road. ​ Detailed public transport travel information and journey planner can be found on the Transport for London website​.​​
Car parking
There is no dedicated car park at this site.