HMO Landlords Engagement & Consultation Event

  • Date: 22nd March 2018
  • Location: Havering Town Hall, Main Road, Romford RM1 3BB
  • Time: 18:00 - 22:00
  • Cost: FREE

This Event gives the opportunity for HMO Landlords to find out about new acts and regulations that come into force April 2018 and ask key questions of how they will be affected.

Local authorities across the country are struggling with coming to terms with the increasing costs of delivering social care and the effect of increasing levels of homelessness.

Where authorities treat these problems as issues that affect the whole council they have had some success in removing silos and effectively delivering a whole council solution to these problems.

The implementation of the Homelessness Reduction Act means that how local authorities work with clients who report themselves as homeless will dramatically change.

Prevention is at the heart of this legislation, and as a result, councils will actively assist clients who previously received very little support from Authorities in obtaining suitable accommodation for a minimum period of six months.

In conjunction with this change, April 2018 will see the roll-out of Universal Credit.

This roll-out could see an increase in the number of clients reporting themselves as homeless due to delays in receiving payment, nervousness on the part of landlords who appear to know little about the new system, and failure of some tenants to pay the rent to landlords now that payments no longer automatically go directly to their landlord. 

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