RSPB Havering - Coach Outing to Paxton Pits NR, Huntingdon, Cambs - 28 April 2018

  • 7am to 5pm on 28 April 2018
  • Location:
  • Cost: £18

77 hectares of lakes, meadow, grassland, scrub and woodland next to the River Great Ouse where you can enjoy a wealth of wildlife all year round.

Brief history of Paxton Pits Nature Reserve 1940- early 1950’s gravel extraction Once the gravel extraction of a particular pit was finished it was left to nature to reclaim 1995 Friends formed A volunteer group which helps to manage the reserve became a formal group and named The Friends of Paxton Pits Nature Reserve (FPPNR) 1997 Hayden Hide Located on Heronry South pit the cost of this hide was financed by Bird Watching Magazine as a result of entering and winning a competition. 2007 charitable status FPPNR apply for and granted charitable status 2008 recession The UK falls into recession and gravel company cease business and plans to release a northern area to FPPNR are brought to a halt 2009 Environment centre opened Part of the reserve is occupied by the Wildlife Trust who manage an Educational Environment Centre 2013 Dragon fly pond A new pond excavated for dragonflies 2014 Hayden hide Vandals set fire and totally destroy the hide fire damage also to a viewing platform 2014 tern raft First tern raft launched on Heronry North pit 2015 2nd tern raft Second tern raft financed by FPPNR lottery club launched on Heronry North Pit 2015 Hayden hide New ship container hide is located on the site of the earlier hide 2015 FPPNR 20th anniversary Big celebration day with over 600 visitors 2016 new hide New hide (so new not yet named) partly financed by the FPPNR lottery club built and open for business 2016 recession ends – its official The gravel company returns and the hand- over of the northern area again on the agenda.

Seats cost £18.00 each

Last booking date: 20 April 2018 Contact: Mike Hughes Tel: 01708 250585 E-mail:

Coach Pick-up Points

All the coach pick-up locations are at bus-stops; - 07:00hrs - Redbridge Underground Station 07:05hrs - Gants Hill (A12) – First bus-stop along Eastern Avenue – Eastward bound (coded EC) 07.10hrs - Newbury Park Underground Station (A12) – Station Bus Stops 07:30hrs - At Romford Town Centre on St. Edwards Way just after Church Lane, first bus-stop 07:37hrs - On the A12 Colchester Road, approx. 50yards after the Gallows Corner round-about. 07:45hrs - On the A12 Colchester Road, just past the traffic lights at Gooshays Drive. 07:47hrs - On the A12 Colchester Road, just before the junction with Dagnam Park Drive. On all outings we advise strong waterproof footwear and warm waterproof clothing.