Your Council tax account

Manage your Council tax online

You can:

  • check your account balance
  • set up a Direct Debit
  • sign up for e-billing
  • tell us you've moved address
  • apply for a discount
  • request an arrangement

To do this you need to register for MyHavering, our general online portal.

The button below will open a new window or tab so you can refer back to this page if you need help.

Register for MyHavering

Register for MyHavering Council tax online

Once registered for MyHavering you can log in and then select the blue Council tax button from the dashboard.

My Council tax button

Then select "My Council Tax" and click "Add Service".

Click the "Add" button under Council tax - it should turn green.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Confirm".

Enter your account reference number. This will be on your Council tax bill or bank statement next to payments to us.

It starts with a 5 and is usually 9 digits long and click access now.

You then need to add some personal details. once you have entered enough information a blue box appears at the top of the screen saying you have given enough information to continue.

If you don't have enough information you can tick a box at the bottom and click "next" and we can send you a PIN to log on with.

If you do have enough information click "next" and you will see a screen you have successfully subscribed.

You may be offered the chance to sign up for e-billing which you can do or you can click "not now". 

You should see your basic account details like last payment and reference number.

You can then access your full account by clicking "show details". Here you can sign up for e-billing, look at your payment history, tell us you're moving, request an arrangement and apply for or cancel a discount.

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