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Tenant and leaseholder groups

Information on groups, activities and training for tenants and leaseholders as well advice on how you can get involved.

Participation panels

As part of our drive to improve services wel have set up four Participation Panels, where tenants and leaseholders meet with senior officers from Housing Services three times a year.
The four panels are:

  • Community Support Services
  • Housing Demands Services
  • Property and Land Services
  • Tenancy Sustainment

The panels look at new policies planned so they can give the tenant and leaseholder’s point of view. They also suggest ways to improve services and make them more accessible

We already have a number of volunteers for each of the panels, who have been given training by TPAS (Tenant Participation Advisory Service) so they can get maximum benefit from taking part.

If you are interested in joining one of the panels, please complete the our online participation panel form.

I am interested in joining a panel

The Housing Community Engagement team

The team works closely with other organisations to create events and funding opportunities to support projects for all ages. They also work with residents and encourage them to become involved in community and housing issues.

You can contact the Housing Community Engagement team by email at

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