Eligibility and status checker

What help am I entitled to?

If you are homeless or potentially homeless the council may have a duty to help you. If you approach us as homeless we will assess your circumstances and decide if we have a duty to help you.

In order to make this decision we look at several factors. We need to establish in order

  • Are you “Eligible for assistance”?
  • Are you “Homeless or threatened with homeless”?
  • Are you in “Priority Need”?
  • Are you “Unintentionally homeless”?
  • Do you have a “Local connection to Havering”?

If you meet all of the conditions above you may be entitled to help with temporary accommodation, this will usually be a hostel. In certain circumstances you may also be entitled to help with longer term accommodation, this will be in the private sector.

In order to help determine whether you are likely to be entitled to help you can follow the decision trees below. These will ask you a series of questions which will then lead to an answer and if necessary direct you to online forms for applications or other webpages.

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