Delay in issuing parking permits

We are experiencing an issue that is affecting the validation of parking permits. You will still be able to apply or renew a permit, but there may be a delay in this being issued. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Issue paying when using Internet Explorer browser

You may experience an issue when making a payment online using some versions of the Internet Explorer (IE) browser. The payment should go through and an email will be sent to confirm success so do check your inbox, but the conformation page in the payment system may not load correctly. We recommend you use a different browser such as FireFox or Chrome. Apologies for the inconvenience. Find out what browser you are using

Apply for a resident parking permit

A resident parking permit enables you to park in a permit parking zone near your home. Find out if you are located within a permit parking zone.

Please note: Residents of new developments with the number range of properties that can have permits do not automatically qualify for a permit.

To apply you will need a:

  • MyHavering account
  • vehicle registration document (V5). If you do not have the V5 to hand, you can submit your insurance documents
  • utility bill within the last three months

Parking permit costs

  • first permit to an address is £35
  • second permit to an address is an additional £60
  • any further permit issued to an address is a further £85

Each vehicle needs its own permit and unfortunately they're not transferable to another vehicle.

Apply or renew

Apply or renew a resident parking permit now

Please note when renewing that resident parking permits expire after one year. You will be able to renew your permit via My Havering four weeks before to the expiry date.

Please ensure your permit is renewed in time so you don't get a parking fine.

Do you need to make changes to the permit or is it lost or stolen?

If you change vehicle or address or your permit has been lost or stolen then let us know so we can arrange a new permit.

Tell us about a change to a parking permit

Company cars and resident parking permits

If you have a company car please let us have a copy of the vehicle's registration document and a letter from your company on their headed paper confirming that you are the authorised driver or vehicle keeper. The letter needs to show the vehicle registration.

Get help with resident parking permits

If you experience problems when applying for a permit, or have any questions, please tell us with our online enquiry form.

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