Before you start - Supporting statement advice

Your supporting statement section is a very important part of your application.

It is an opportunity and your chance to show off your strengths, experience, achievement and share your career aspirations.

This section is where you must demonstrate how you meet the competencies listed in the job description

You must make sure that you have read the job description and competencies required for the role carefully before completing the application form or writing your personal statement.

The best applications are often structured to make clear how the applicant meets each of the individual competencies.

Make sure your application is tailored to the job you are applying for. Competencies for the role you are applying for might differ from role to role.

Use examples from your experience to demonstrate you have the required skills, knowledge and experience.

You can use examples of your experience and knowledge gained from your current and previous employments, voluntary work, education, leisure interests and any other activities you consider relevant to the position.

Be sure to include any skills you have gained, such as time management, customer service, teamwork and computer skills.


  • make clear what you did by using ‘I’ and not ‘we’
  • describe your role and evidence the skills and abilities you used and the outcome
  • make sure your example is relevant and provides evidence of the skills and abilities we are looking for and are references in the job description
  • make your answer specific
  • describe your actions and your reasons for them
  • explain (if needed) how you overcame difficulties and lessons you learnt from that
  • state the outcome and benefits
  • avoid acronyms
  • make sure the spelling and punctuation is correct

Do not:

  • give unnecessary detail
  • include generalizations such as ‘I am always considerate to my colleagues’
  • paraphrase the criteria, for example ‘I speak and write effectively’
  • use clichés such as ‘hard work’ or ‘work well individually or as part of a team’ without giving detailed example of how you do that
  • be vague 
  • include any personal information about yourself

It may be helpful to consider the following types of evidence for your statement such as:

  • an everyday role or special projects that you have undertaken
  • one-off incidences or the results of sustained effort over a period of time
  • the achievements where you have invested personal time and effort
  • detailing relevant experience
  • evidence from any source if it demonstrates the experience or competence required

Please always review the information you have provided carefully before you submit.

Once you have selected 'submit', your application will be sent directly to our recruiting manager.

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