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Why be an NGDP Graduate at Havering?

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At Havering, graduates meet the Chief Executive quarterly to discuss the big issues within the Council.

We talk about our learning in the previous quarter and receive guidance about how to build a successful public sector career.

Having the opportunity to train is vital to our continued development.

Graduates at Havering are encouraged to take training wherever possible to improve project management skills, including Prince 2 and more specific placement training.

Additionally, the Council offers a wide range of standard corporate training to all staff.

As a London borough, Havering has responsibility for all the services that Local Government can provide, meaning that our placements are highly varied.

You can also get to Central London (Liverpool Street) in under 20 minutes by train.

Even with the comparatively small grant we receive from Central Government, we are still required to deliver the same level of service.

This means that there are great opportunities available for Graduates to innovate and take on roles with real responsibility.

One thing you’ll notice about Havering is it’s non-hierarchical working environment: everyone says ‘hello’ as they walk past.

The Council runs a mentoring programme, and as a graduate you are automatically enrolled.

Your mentor is usually a senior member of staff and is a really useful contact to have within the organisation.

oneSource is the shared back office service with the London Borough of Newham and London Borough of Bexley.

A placement in one of these services will give you corporate experience across different local authorities. 

A high percentage of graduates secure a permanent role within Local Government before the end of the scheme, choosing to stay within Havering, and go on to achieve successful carers including, working in the Civil Service and even becoming Head of a Department within a few years.

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