Work experience at Havering Council for schools

Work experience is a great chance to get a taste of a job and see what skills you are going to need for the world of work.​

If you are seeking a work experience placement with us, please email us and include your CV, indicating which departments or areas of work you are interested in, along with start and end dates of the placement.

How it can help

Designed to give young people the skills to break into and thrive in a work environment, a work placement is your opportunity to spend a period of time outside the classroom learning about a particular job or area of work. Spending time with us can improve your confidence, capability, your skills, and raise your aspirations, motivation and self-worth.

During your placement, you'll be able to find out what skills employers look for when they're hiring someone to fill a job vacancy.

You will also get the chance to develop your self-confidence and communication skills. This will help you to work better with other people in further or higher education, as well as in your future career.

Types of work experience

A work experience placement could involve working in a wide variety of places.

The length of the work experience is usually two weeks. All placements are unpaid.


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