Occupational therapy

If you have a disability or a long-term medical condition and are finding it difficult to carry out everyday activities in your home then the Council can offer an assessment by an occupational therapist, a qualified health professional who is skilled in assessing a person's function and the impact of the environment in relation to their independence.

​​​Their aim is to help people of all ages (from children to adults) to be as independent as possible in their everyday lives.


The assessment consists of:

  • assessment of your needs within your home
  • provision of a service is made in accordance with the Care Act

​You can find out more information this under the following.


They can give you information and advice on different ways to carry out everyday tasks to reduce your difficulties and increase your independence and well being after independence. They can also tell you about the range of equipment you can buy and give you details of local suppliers.

Community Equipment Accredited Retailer List​​​

Equipment and adaptations 

They can arrange alterations to your home such as fitting grab-rails, installing a level access shower, stair-lift or ramp. As with equipment, you will need to meet set criteria before they can provide this help.


They also provide support for disabled people who wish to move to a more suitable property.

Who can have this service?

You need to live in Havering and:

  • have a permanent or long term disability
  • care for someone with a disability

The advice and assessment is free of charge.

Occupational therapy team

The Council's occupational therapy staff are based in the Customer Service and Social Work Teams. Havering's accredited retailers and equipment stores technicians can fit equipment and we use contractors to complete minor and major adaptations.​

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