Because of government guidance on coronavirus a number of our buildings are now closed and events listed on our site are subject to change or cancellation. Changes to council services, advice and support we can provide, the latest local news and links to Government advice is available on our dedicated coronavirus information page. Go to our coronavirus information page

Election service

In line with government guidance on coronavirus a number of our buildings are now closed. The Elections team are working from home and are unable to send out registration forms as quickly as they normally would. Please complete a registration form online if you are able to. Register online on the GOV.UK website

Register to vote as a crown servant or as a British council employee

If you work as a Crown Servant or as an employee of the British Council overseas, you can register to vote as a service voter.

You can also register if you are the spouse or civil partner of a Crown Servant or British Council employee and you're accompanying them during their employment abroad.

You must still fit the eligibility criteria in order to register as a Crown servant.

You'll be able to vote in all elections and referendums you are eligible for.

If you will be overseas at the time of an election or referendum, you will need to consider applying for a postal or proxy vote. When considering your options for voting as a Crown Servant or British Council employee working overseas, it is important to note that the postal vote is subject to the frailties of the international postal system and it may not arrive with you or get back to us in time to be counted. For this reason appointing a proxy is the best way to ensure you are able to cast your vote.

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