We want to involve you in the decisions we make about proposed changes, the services we provide and how we develop new ways of doing things.

On this page you will find links to surveys and consultations we are currently doing that you can take part in.

Housing estates

Ending: Ongoing consultations unless specified

Consultations on works and development of estates run by us or our partners are sent out to estate residents. The housing regeneration pages and housing newsletters also provide details of consultation meetings and surveys.

Housing regeneration programme

Ending: Wednesday 20 December 2017


Special treatments consultation

Special treatments documents

Give feedback (email)

Ending 10 January 2018

Parking, traffic and roads

Ending: Ongoing consultations unless specified


Ending: Ongoing consultations unless specified

Public health - Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

Ending: Friday 5 January 2018

The Havering Health and Wellbeing Board has a duty to undertake a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) every 3 years.

A PNA helps ensure everyone has access to a pharmacy and the services they provide.

A draft PNA has been produced. Before it’s finalised we want to check that we haven’t missed something important. 

We'd like your views on the PNA and the pharmacy services in Havering.


Have your say on the Havering PNA

Pharmacy services in Havering

The draft PNA hasn’t identified any significant gaps in provision. But what do you think?

Have your say on pharmacy services in Havering

Both surveys are open until Friday, 5 January 2018. A final version of the PNA will be published in spring 2018.


School consulations

Ending: Ongoing consultations unless specified

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