Havering’s Local Implementation Plan (LIP3) for Consultation

After the publication of a Mayor’s Transport Strategy (MTS), boroughs have to start preparing a strategy setting out how they will deliver the MTS at a local level. This is known as a Local Implementation Plan. A Local Implementation Plan (LIP) is a statutory document prepared under Section 145 of the GLA Act. It represents a borough’s own transport strategy and is reviewed on an annual basis.

This is the third LIP prepared by Havering and it aligns with the MTS published in March 2018 for the period up to 2041.  The draft LIP explains how the borough will implement the transport elements of the draft London Plan, the Mayor’s Transport Strategy and other relevant Mayoral strategies. The draft LIP also takes into account Havering’s own plans and strategies, particularly the Havering Local Plan submitted in March 2018, and  sets out the long term vision for transport in Havering up to 2041.

The Council is undertaking a consultation exercise to seek the views of the public, local businesses and other interested parties. Responses will be taken into account when drafting the final LIP3 document to be submitted to TfL in early 2019.

View a copy of Havering's draft LIP3

Strategic Environmental Assessment

The strategic environmental assessment (SEA) is a systematic decision support process, aiming to ensure that environmental and possibly other sustainability aspects are considered effectively in policy, plan and program making. This assessment is a statutory requirement when submitting a local implementation plan to outline what environmental impacts the schemes and policies in LIP3 may have.

View a copy of the Strategic Environmental Assessment

To share your views or comments on Havering’s Local Implementation Plan Draft for Consultation, please email the Transportation Planning team: lip3@havering.gov.uk or write to:

Draft LIP3 Consultation,
Transport Planning,
London Borough of Havering,
5th Floor, Mercury House,
Mercury Gardens,

The closing date for this consultation is Friday 4th January 2019.


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