External and internal decorations

We maintain the outside of our properties as well as the inside communal areas of our blocks. This work includes all previously painted/stained surfaces.

Our intention is to carry out outside redecorations to all previously painted surfaces. This could include decorating to:

  • all front and rear entrance doors and frames
  • sills
  • steps
  • thresholds
  • canopies and canopy supports
  • shed doors and frames
  • side and front gates
  • masonry
  • garage doors and frames
  • and all other previously painted surfaces, unless otherwise stated

Within this work we will also include: 

  • gutters
  • down pipes
  • external cladding
  • insulation
  • and external bin shed doors and frames 
  • asbestos removal where identified
  • the removal and renewal of fascia’s
  • soffits
  • barge boards

Any necessary filling, repairs, replacements and making good to walls, ceilings, doors and windows will be carried out as part of the works. 

Painting of the internal common parts include walls, ceilings and all previously painted areas. The walls and the ceiling will be painted with a zero rated fire retardant paint. The product used is fire protective, harder wearing and has a longer life.

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