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K and T Heating provide domestic heating for the borough and Stonegrove Ltd provide communal heating.

They are Gas Safe registered and when a gas safety check is completed a certificate is issued.

This tells us the equipment in your home is either safe or that work needs to be done to make the equipment safe.

The certificate (called Landlords Gas Safety Record (LGSR)) is only valid for one year, so we need to do this check yearly as part of your tenancy agreement

Gas safety checks

A gas safety check is free yearly safety check to make sure any gas equipment Havering Council provides for your home is working properly.

Even if you don't think you have gas equipment in your home, there may be hidden pipes and other equipment that needs to be checked.

Carbon monoxide - The facts

Fifty people in the UK are killed every year through carbon monoxide poisoning caused by poorly maintained gas appliances.

Carbon monoxide has no smell or taste, can kill in hours, and the first symptoms of poisoning can easily be confused with other common illnesses.

Signs that you may be at risk include soot or staining marks on or around a gas appliance, and a lazy yellow/orange flame.

Refusing access to engineers

If you refuse to allow us to carry out a gas safety check you are breaking the terms of your tenancy and putting yourself, your family and your neighbours at risk.

We could take action against you which could include taking you to court.

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