Preventing bacteria build up

There are some simple steps you can take to help prevent the bacteria build-up in your homes. 

Run your water

Run all of your taps regularly, if you have taps which are used infrequently for any reason please let us know and we can advise the best course of action.

Report any deposits such as rust or any unusual matter flowing from your taps.

Hot water cylinder

If you have a hot water cylinder keep the thermostat set at 50-60 degrees Celsius as water at this temperature will kill any legionella bacteria.

Be aware that water at this temperature may cause scalding, so exercise discretion if there are children or vulnerable members of your home.

Shower heads

Keep all shower heads and hoses free from a build-up of lime scale, mould or algae growth by de-scaling every three months - or more frequently if the shower hose shows signs of blocking.

Use any domestic de-scaling solution that you can buy from shops (the same as you would for your iron or kettle). 
After de-scaling, flush the shower thoroughly and soak the shower head and/or hose in bleach and flush again, this helps sterilise and kill any bacteria.


Clean the taps in your bath, basin and sink regularly, including any spray inserts, by brushing the scale off with a nylon brush and/or wiping them with a domestic de- scaling solution (the same as the one used for shower heads).

Leaving your home for a week

If you go on holiday or leave your property for a week or more, when you return home flush toilets (with the lid down), run all taps and showers for about two minutes to flush out any bacteria, run the water slowly to start with to avoid spray and hold the shower head directly over the plug hole.


Run garden hoses for one minute before you use them.

Keep water butts clean and do not use them to supply a pumped device.

Water tanks

Where you can easily check water tanks, make sure that lids are tight fitting and in place, and check that the tank insulation is properly in place.

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