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Groups for council sheltered residents

There are groups to represent residents in our sheltered schemes.​​

Sheltered housing scheme committees

A sheltered housing scheme committee is made up from residents who live in each particular scheme. The committee is elected annually between 01 May and 31 July with each household having one vote. The constitution for such committees can be downloaded here.

The committee organises social events for residents of the scheme and the surrounding community.

The Community Engagement Team support these committees and can help to organise activities and funding.

A complete list of the current schemes is below:

Sheltered Housing Users Team (​SHOUT) Forum

The SHOUT Forum has two representatives elected by each of the above schemes. It's annual general meeting is held in April each year and its constitution can be downloaded here.

It meets four times a year to discuss any issues and share information about what is happening in sheltered housing across the borough.

Minutes of SHOUT Forum meetings should be displayed on the noticeboard of each scheme following the meeting and the two SHOUT Forum representatives from each scheme should report back to residents following each meeting.

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