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Sheltered homes providing extra care

There are extra care housing schemes which provide a more intensive level of support than traditional sheltered housing.

Extra Care Housing Strategy​

What is extra care housing?

Extra care housing may suit people who need a medium level of personal care or support, as well as those with relatively low support needs, but who are otherwise able, and wish, to live independently on their own.

​An extra care housing scheme is a group of flats built on the same site, providing specialised accommodation with care and support services on hand 24 hours a day.  Most of the schemes in Havering provide rented accommodation but there are some opportunities for shared ownership. 

What are the benefits?

There are a number of key features that distinguish extra care from more traditional residential care homes:

  • ​​people who live there have their own self-contained homes. They have legal rights to occupy that are underpinned by housing law.
  • it is self-contained accommodation - one and two bedrooms
  • couples are able to stay together
  • residents come and go as they choose, in the same way as they would if living in the community
  • the provision of care and support is separated from the provision of accommodation
  • care and support is based on an individual assessment of needs and can be more easily tailored to the individual and the on site staff are empowered to be flexible in their delivery of care 

Many residents who live in extra care housing enjoy the activities and sense of community which living in a shared building can give. All extra care schemes have communal areas where activities can be arranged, and in some there is a restaurant that residents can use. 

These facilities mean that tenants have an opportunity to meet with other people each day if that is what they choose, but they do have their own front door and can therefore protect their privacy. 

Apply for a referral 

Council lettings team - Phone ​01708 434130 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday)


Useful website

EAC - Elderly accommodation counsel​​


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