Error in Direct Debit letters to housing customers

If you have recently received a letter regarding your Direct Debit increase there has unfortunately been an error in the calculation. We are aware of the issue and apologise for any inconvenience caused. Replacement letters will be sent soon.

Decant assessment forms

Decant assessment forms are used to help us house you while regeneration work is carried out.

Every Council tenant who has had a one-to-one meeting about their housing needs has been sent two copies of the decant assessment form which summarises the information given to us during that one-to-one meeting.

Residents are asked to carefully check the accuracy of the information on the form as this will be used to identify suitable properties to offer them for their new home while the regeneration takes place.

If the information is accurate tenants should sign, date and return one copy of the form to us.

If tenants wish to amend any of the information they should make the changes on the form and return it to us so we can amend our records and issue a new form for them to agree, sign and return.

It is very important  tenants return this form as soon as possible as we will not start considering you for moving to a new home until we have received the form back from you.

The forms will help us assess housing needs which will be used when empty properties become available so we can see if they match tenant’s requirements. Tenants are asked let us know of any changes so that we always have the latest available information about their housing needs so we can make the best possible match.

If tenants have any questions about this form please contact John Bloss.

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