Sheltered housing developments

Cabinet reports

Reports on the Housing Regeneration Programme proposals were discussed by Havering Council’s Cabinet on Wednesday 12 October 2017. The reports, including the recommendations, can be viewed online here.

View the Havering Housing Regeneration Programme - Local Lettings Plan. 

Havering Council currently has around 800 units of sheltered housing across 19 schemes in the borough.

Around 300 of those units are not fit for purpose as they are:

1. Bedsit accommodation which people generally do not wish to rent and/or

2. In schemes without lifts to all floors and/or

3. In schemes which are very expensive to maintain due to their condition and situation.

4. In schemes which have inadequate communal facilities

A review of provision of accommodation for elderly people in Havering has been prepared identifying what will be needed for the next 30 years including extra care housing for the elderly and housing with specialist dementia care provision.

Part of the review includes proposals for investment in 12 sheltered housing schemes in Havering to improve the facilities so they can become community hubs for elderly people living nearby as well as within each scheme.

The proposals also include the suggestion that seven of the existing schemes will close.

1. It is proposed that the Royal Jubilee Court site and the Serena, Solar and Sunrise scheme could each become an older persons’ village

2.  It is proposed that the sheltered housing scheme at Brunswick Court, would be redeveloped as a newly built extra care sheltered housing scheme

3.  It is proposed that the sheltered housing schemes at Delderfield HouseMaygreen Crescent and Park Lane, and Queen Street would close with the land being used to provide Council housing for Havering people

4.  It is proposed that the sheltered housing scheme at Dell Court will be redeveloped as flats for people over the age of 55 and that the Ravenscourt blocks that form part of this scheme will remain.

These proposals are currently out for consultation and details of the proposals for each scheme can be seen by clicking on the scheme name.

There are 13 schemes which are proposed to remain open namely:

See the map of sheltered housing for Havering, including non-Council schemes, if the proposals are implemented here.

View the local lettings plans

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