Temporary accommodation

If we believe that you are homeless, we may offer you emergency accommodation, while we make detailed enquiries into your circumstances.

This will probably be one of the following:

  • a room in a hostel, managed by us. Some rooms are self contained but you may have to share bathroom and cooking facilities with other households. View our hostels
  • a self-contained flat or house that the council has leased from a private landlord. This may not necessarily be in the borough of Havering

You may also be placed in bed and breakfast accommodation; it will be because we have nothing else available so it will be the last resort.

If, following our enquiries, we accept a duty to you as a homeless person; we will make sure that accommodation continues to be available for you until the duty has been discharged.

Hostels or bed and breakfast accommodation

If you are in a hostel or bed and breakfast accommodation, we will try and move you on into self-contained accommodation as soon as possible.

This will be either:

  • a self-contained flat or house that the council has leased from a private landlord, where the tenancy will be between you and the council and our duty to you would continue. This will not necessarily be in the borough of Havering
  • a privately rented, self-contained flat or house where the tenancy is between you and the landlord. In this case, our duty to you would end

Housing register

If you have applied to join the council's housing register and been accepted, you may continue to bid for a new home through our choice based lettings scheme. If you have not yet applied, you can visit the apply for housing web page to check whether you are eligible and make an application.

Wherever you are living, you will be responsible for paying the rent. Even if you are claiming housing benefit, there may be a part of the charge that you must pay yourself. If you do not make this payment, you may be evicted and this may also affect any potential move to alternative accommodation.

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