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Shared living

Shared living is where we lease your whole property for a fixed term and then lets the rooms individually.

We take responsibility for management of the property, including individual rooms and communal areas.

Each tenant is assessed to make sure they are suitable for shared living

If you would like to lease your property under the Shared living we will be able to advise you during the first onsite visit whether your property is suitable.

What you get

  • Guaranteed monthly rent paid in advance - even if your property, or a single room, becomes empty
  • Help with conversion costs
  • Free property management complete with routine inspections
  • Long leases - 3 to 5 years
  • An inventory with digital photographs

What we ask of you

The Shared living arrangement needs more up-front work than our other products as properties have to meet certain safety standards. In general terms your property will need:

  • Fire doors, fire mattresses and fire alarms installed in each room
  • Some basic furnishings
  • Some basic electronics, such as toaster and a kettle
  • Proof of ownership
  • Proof of Public liability insurance
  • If your property has more than 6 bedrooms you may need to provide further information

Why is this product for you?

Choosing our shared living product is a good way of maximising your income and still benefiting from a long-term offer. Our team will find suitable tenants to move into each room as soon as they are available. Our dedicated tenancy support team ensure properties are looked after and carry out regular inspections.

Next Steps

Find out the how the process works with our 6 steps to letting your property process.

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