Error in Direct Debit letters to housing customers

If you have recently received a letter regarding your Direct Debit increase there has unfortunately been an error in the calculation. We are aware of the issue and apologise for any inconvenience caused. Replacement letters will be sent soon.

Immigration inspections

When someone makes an immigration application to come to the UK one of the documents they must provide is a letter confirming:

  • The property they intend to live in has been inspected
  • The property is acceptable for occupation under the Housing Act 2004
  • The property will not become overcrowded if they live there.

The Council offers property inspections if you live within the borough and you want to support someone applying for a visa for entry into the UK where they plan to live within the borough.

The Council will provide this service and there is a current charge of £132.75 (2017-18).

Request an inspection

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