Who can adopt?

Adoption is a way of becoming the legal parent of a child who cannot live with their birth family.

We welcome applications from prospective adopters regardless of your sexuality, ethnicity, religion or marital status.

Many people can adopt, we are looking for people who can provide:

  • a loving, safe and stable home to a child or children
  • lots of energy and a sense of fun
  • the capacity to understand a child’s feelings
  • the determination to persevere even through the difficult times.
  • the ability to accept a child’s history and identity

To adopt you need to be:

  • over 21 years of age
  • have a spare bedroom in your home for a child.
  • in reasonable health
  • have finished any fertility treatment

Our priority is to make sure that each child has a caring, supportive family who can meet their individual needs.

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