Learn about the children waiting for adoption

Children waiting for adoption come from diverse backgrounds. We are particularly looking for prospective adoptive families who can consider:

  • children up to the age of 8 years
  • siblings
  • children from black and ethnic minority backgrounds
  • young children whose development may be uncertain as a result of parental substance or alcohol misuse, mental or physical health or learning difficulties.
  • children with emotional or behavioural difficulties linked to their early childhood experiences
  • children of differing ages with some level of physical or learning difficulty


A fun and cheerful little boy, who at only 5 years old demonstrates a great willingness to learn at both home and school. Christian thrives in a one to one environment and has developed a great relationship with his foster carers.

Christian is now at a stage in his life where he needs a permanent home with loving and caring adoptive parents. This is a little boy whose needs were not met consistently when he was younger and as a result he can at times become anxious is in certain situations. He will benefit from a calm home environment where his emotional needs will be put first. To support Christians sense of identity, a letter box agreement is in place with his birth mother and there is a plan for Christian to have direct contact with his siblings.

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Daniel and Harrison

Daniel and Harrison are a sibling group of two children who are of Black British/Jamaican heritage.

Daniel is a bubbly 2 year old who loves singing and dancing to his favourite nursery rhymes and loves Mickey Mouse. He has a great independent attitude to life and will probably want to be a pirate when he grows up. Daniel requires routine from a loving family who can offer him stability which is essential for this little boy. He loves colouring with his crayons, painting in the garden and dressing up.

Harrison is the older brother at 6 years old, who has a natural protective instinct over Daniel. Harrison has had to grow up quickly in life due to his chaotic upbringing and requires help with understanding that he himself is also a child, and does not have to always care and protect Daniel. Harrison is receiving specialized support for developmental delay and we believe he may need continued assistance whilst attending main stream school.

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