Your adoption journey

To begin your adoption journey, we advise you to contact the service either via the online enquiry form or telephone to register your interest. We also recommend you attend an information event where you will have the opportunity to meet our team and learn more about the adoption journey.

Pre-assessment information stage

If adoption seems right for you, your preliminary assessment will begin once you have completed a Registration of Interest form.

From here, there is an opportunity to progress if both parties agree to move forward with your application.

Stage one - Initial preparation/training

This takes two months although this can vary dependent on individual circumstances. This represents the start of your preparation and assessment as prospective adoptive parents.

A written agreement will be drawn up between yourselves and the Havering Adoption Team agreeing to an initial home visit, attendance at workshop sessions and completion of the workbook, a meeting with a social worker, if required, will be arranged to help support you to complete your written work.

The Council will also undertake checks including police, health and local authority and references will be sought from three personal referees. We may also need to contact significant previous partners.

Stage two

Stage two of the adoption process cannot begin until prospective adopters have completed Stage one and notified us that they want to proceed to Stage two.

This stage takes approximately four months and is based around training, assessment and evaluation of whether adoption is right for you and your family.

Linking, matching and placement

Once you have been successfully approved as prospective adopters, you are then able to move forward to a potential adoption placement. The Council's Adoption team will invite you to sign a matching plan or agreement which will outline suggestions for your on-going training and development and the process by which we will support you to identify a match with a child.

Adoption Support

We Are family is an adoption support community that operates in and around London and welcomes all adopters, including prospective and approved adopters. For further info please see the We Are Family website.

Further available support is available via Havering We Are Family (WAF). They meet as a fortnightly support group and at other ad hoc social events. Adopters from this group are in close contact with WAF East London, and meet regularly with social workers from the East London Adoption Consortium. For further information please contact us via logo

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