Burials in a new grave

Contact us at Bereavement Services or ask your funeral director if you wish to purchase a new grave.


01708 434433.

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Burials in an existing grave

To bury someone in an existing grave in one of the four cemeteries managed by Havering you will need to provide:

  • the name of the last person buried in the grave and an approximate year of death
  • written permission of the grave owner before the burial can take place (unless the grave owner is being buried)
  • a monumental mason to remove the memorial at least two working days before the funeral to allow time for us to dig and check the grave. You will need to pay for this and to arrange for a mason to replace the memorial after the funeral has taken place. You can get a list of local monumental masons from the Bereavement Services office.
  • a Notice of Interment form from the Bereavement Services office. Fill it in and return it at least two working days before the day of the funeral
  • the Certificate of Disposal (from the Registrar of Births and Deaths or the Coroner)
  • the size of the coffin on the Notice of Interment form so that we can dig a grave of the correct size

We can provide grave numbers and confirm the name of the registered grave owner as well as information as to whether there is a memorial on the grave which has to be removed. Contact cemeteries@havering.gov.uk, 01708 434433 for more information.

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