The final resting place for ashes is a personal choice and one you should consider carefully.

What happens to the ashes depends on the wishes of the applicant for the funeral who is the only person that we can take an instruction from. This is usually the Executor of the Will or the next of kin.

In this section you will find information on the types of memorials offered at the South Essex Crematorium and some information on other ways to have a memorial in Havering parks.

If the applicant to the funeral wishes to change any instruction to us or would like someone else to authorise the burial of ashes, then we need this in writing.

Enquire about a memorial

Ask us about a memorial

01708 434433

Order a leaf on our custom bronze memorial tree

Designed and created locally, our custom bronze memorial tree offers families the opportunity to have a beautiful indoor dedication to a loved one.

Each leaf is finished in a brushed brass effect and may be leased for a period of ten years.

If you wish to add a name to your leaf during the lease period you may purchase a replacement leaf. In addition to the cost of the leaf, an administration fee will be payable.

At the end of the memorial lease we will write to you and offer you the opportunity to renew the lease for a further ten year period. If you do not wish to renew you may collect the leaf in person, or for a small fee, we will post it to you.

Ask us about a leaf on our bronze memorial tree

View the memorial tree and leaf plan

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