The Havering Climate Challenge

Follow the boroughs climate change journey as we highlight how even small changes can make a big difference towards reducing carbon emissions.

We are working to demonstrate how the borough is coming together to tackle climate change and to meet environmental targets.

In August 2021, we announced that as an organisation, we would aim to be carbon neutral by 2040, or sooner and to measure and report greenhouse gas emissions on a regular basis.

In November 2021, we outlined all of the key initiatives, goals and objectives to meet our carbon neutral ambitions by 2040.

A summary of The Havering Climate Action Plan was produced to provide an overview of our approach.

Are you helping by reducing carbon emissions?

If you have an idea, or a story we can share, then let us know by completing our short form (coming soon).

Our story so far

Youth climate summit 1200

In September 2021, we hosted a Youth Climate Change Summit so that future generations could have their say about climate change.

The events coincided with the UN Youth Climate Summit taking place in Milan, where around 400 young people between the ages of 18 and 29 from across the globe met with world leaders.

Young residents got involved by:

  • Taking over Living in Havering, our twice-weekly email newsletter that goes out to more than 60,000 residents and businesses
  • Joining a let’s talk about climate change discussion with the Council Leader, Councillor Damian White, Council officers and an expert from London Councils. The online Zoom event was chaired by 18-year-old Chantelle Asante, chair of Havering Youth Council
  • Responding to a survey to give their views and identify the things that they can do to help protect our planet

awareness day

The free climate awareness event on Saturday 6 November 2021 at Romford Market Place coincided with COP 26 – the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow where up to 200 world leaders joined business to address global climate change.

The event featured a variety of stalls from our environmental services, local businesses and community groups all designed to provide information on the small changes that can be made by individuals and families to tackle climate change and reduce carbon emissions.

The small steps being supported at the event included walking and cycling more, reducing waste, and cutting energy use.

These may seem like small actions, but if we all act together, they can make a big difference in reducing borough emissions.

See our events page


When we recycle our old electricals, we’re giving a new lease of life to the treasure hidden within. This includes precious metals like gold, copper, steel and aluminium.

We want to make it easy for these valuable materials to be recycled and be turned into everything from children’s playgrounds to life-saving equipment – even into new electricals.

Here are just some examples of the sort of items that we will collect and recycle: 

  • small kitchen appliances (such as kettles, toasters, irons)
  • hair dryers, straighteners and clippers
  • clocks, watches, calculators and torches
  • remote controls, mobile phones, cameras and chargers
  • phone and laptop batteries
  • radios, mini hi-fis, CD and MP3 players
  • small electronic toys (such as remote control cars)
  • hand power tools, smoke detectors and thermostats

To play your part, gather up and store your old electricals in a bag. When you’re ready to recycle put them in an open plastic bag and leave it next to your orange recycling sack on your collection day. 

Alternatively you can take them to Gerpins Lane Reuse and Recycling Centre and place them in the electrical and electronic area. Or you can use the Recycle Your Electricals postcode locator to find your local recycling point.

Read more about recycling electricals.


In summer 2021, we launched a survey asking residents for their opinions as part of its plans to plant thousands of trees as a living testament to those who have lost their lives, family or loved ones.

The woodland and individual plantings throughout the borough will also honour the significant efforts by key workers and our residents to keep our borough safe during the pandemic.

Over a 100 people responded to the online survey, with over 90 per cent of people supporting memorial tree planting as a suitable way of honouring those who suffered loss due to Covid 19 and paying tribute to the efforts of key workers.

All the memorial sites aim to provide a suitable space for quiet reflection and have a positive and long lasting impact on our local environment.

We have also committed to not removing any existing trees as part of the project and aim to enhance the biodiversity of Hornchurch Country Park, which will provide the necessary space for extensive trees and wildlife to flourish.

The trees will be planted by spring 2022 and it is estimated every mature tree absorbs carbon dioxide at a rate of 48 pounds per year. In one year, an acre of forest can absorb twice the CO2produced by the average car's annual mileage.

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