Wi-fi comes to Romford Market

Published: Thursday, 14 December 2017

From Friday 15 December, visitors and traders will be able to use Wi-Fi in Romford Market.

Providing internet access in the Market Place has been an ambition for the Council, to allow traders and visitors to make the most of using contactless and chip & pin technology.

From Friday 15 December 2017, those traders who have handheld payment devices will be able to use them on a secure network when carrying out financial transactions. The connection will be available through the Market Place and on a small part of North Street where regular traders have stalls.

Visitors can access the Wi-Fi by simply selecting ‘ROMFORD MARKET’ from the list of available networks and selecting one of the login options as shown on the Wi-Fi landing page. Then following the instructions to complete the sign-up.

Councillor Roger Ramsey, Leader of the Council, said:

“Many markets have technology that allow people to make and take payment without using cash. Times are changing and a lot of people don’t even carry much cash around with them anymore, so if you’re passing by the market and want to buy something, you’d have to think twice. Now, with this technology, and over time with more traders using it, visitors won’t have to worry anymore.”

It is planned for broadband and Wi-Fi connectivity to be launched in Hornchurch and Upminster Town Centres next year.