Draft Children and Young People Education Place Planning Plan

We are consulting on the Draft Children and Young People Education Place Planning Plan 2023 – 2027, which also includes the Draft Childcare Sufficiency Report, until 15 May 2023. You can pick up a consultation questionnaire from any library or children’s centre or you can view the draft documents and have your say online

Who is your child talking to? Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is closer than you think.

Published: Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Havering Council is supporting national CSE Awareness Day on Sunday 18 March. We hope to raise awareness amongst parents and carers that CSE is impacting more and more children across London, and inform parents that this can sadly start whilst their child is at home on their phone, tablet or computer.

CSE can take many forms from peer-on-peer exploitation, sexual bullying, to inappropriate relationships with older boyfriends or girlfriends. A young person may not even realise that they are being exploited, but through their peers, older boyfriend or girlfriend they are being persuaded to post inappropriate images of themselves or engage in sexual acts that makes them feel uncomfortable.

As part of the Council’s ambitious plan to make parents more aware of child sexual exploitation the Chelsea’s Choice theatre production company will perform a number of thought-provoking shows at various venues across the borough from Monday 23 April – Thursday 26 April. This will give parents an insight to how young people are groomed for the purposes of sexual exploitation, and the lasting impact CSE has on the lives of the children and young people.  To book your space visit - www.havering.gov.uk/cse

Spot the signs of CSE:

  • Changes in behaviour and/or appearance
  • Missing from school or home
  • Unexplained gifts
  • Breakdown of relationships with friends and family
  • Use of drugs or alcohol
  • Signs of physical harm (self-harm, unexplained bruising, pregnancies, STI’s)
  • Involvement in gangs/youth violence

Councillor Robert Benham, Cabinet Member for Children and Learning, said:

“The Council is committed to preventing child sexual exploitation. We are working with theatre companies and also working with the BRECK Foundation, visiting schools throughout the borough, to raise awareness of potential online dangers.

We advise parents to have open and honest conversations as this will better prepare young people if they view inappropriate content or get asked to share information or visuals that makes them feel uncomfortable.”

If you have a concern about yourself or a young person please call the police on 101 or email the council on tmash@havering.gov.uk