Reservoir Mods guarantee classics at anniversary Havering Show

Published: Monday, 30 July 2018

This week, Havering Council had an exclusive interview with the Reservoir Mods the highly popular band who will be performing at this year’s 40th anniversary Havering show on the Sunday.

Havering, show
The Reservoir Mods will be performing at the Havering Show

The band who have all been musicians and in different groups since they were teenagers say that their most memorable moment would have to be playing a gig as part of the Olympics to an audience of over 60,000 people.

Brendan Ivie, the band’s drummer, said:

“As some of the band is based In Hornchurch we’ll have all our friends and family along to the show. Quite often there are age-restrictions at venues so to play a home town show at an all ages event will be great.

We asked what are the differences between performing at a gig and coming along to an outdoor family festival with multiple performers?

Brendan told us:

“A number of differences really, biggest being the audience size, where you’d normally play a gig to an audience of 100 -250, to then playing to thousands. Also the atmosphere is always special at outdoor events as everyone is up for a good time and usually the camaraderie between the performers is good too. Outdoor festivals are our favourite gigs of the year.

“We’re all massive fans of The Jam, and we always look forward to playing A Town Called Malice.”