Heatwave hits the Havering Show

Published: Friday, 24 August 2018

One of the biggest names to grace the main stage at the 40th Anniversary Show will be the legendary Heatwave.

Havering Show
Heatwave will be at the Havering Show this year

 We caught up with them during their busy schedule to find out how they were feeling about performing at the Show?

“We want to get the crowd up partying and dancing! We think we bring a real sense of ‘boogie’ to the gigs we play. We’ll obviously be performing Boogie Nights which is, and always will be, our signature tune.

“We work with most of the bands on the circuit and they are friends of ours as we have been around for a good few years now. It’s great performing in a theatre, but performing outdoors makes you feel free to exercise a little more and have more fun with an audience.”

With over so many years in the business and vast experience, what is their most memorable moment?

“That has to be was when Rod Templeton used to write a hit song and bring it into rehearsals and we all just knew they were hits. However, we also turned down some of his songs as well such as Stomp which was covered by the Brother Johnson.”

Will they hang around after their set and mix with the other acts?

“Well that all depends if the rest of our crew have to get off to the next show in another part of the country as travelling is the hardest part in this job. We have shows all over the country and are planning a tour for next year.”

Heatwave will be performing on the Main Stage on Sunday 26 August.