Havering Annual Alternative Provision Awards Ceremony 2017

Shane Pita
Published: Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Seventeen pupils from the borough’s primary and secondary schools have been commended by Havering during The annual Alternative Provision Awards.

The awards, which celebrate the efforts and achievements of pupils who study alternative education in practical environments, took place on Thursday 17 May. Parents/carers, school staff and AP providers were present to celebrate the students’ success.

Lee Clegg, Alternative Provision Commissioner, said:

“This event is an opportunity to recognise and reward pupils who have overcome personal and academic barriers and who have shown great resilience, persistence and courage to gain qualifications. Alternative Provisions enables pupils to progress into employment, college or apprenticeships once they leave school.”

Since 2006 Havering Council has worked with schools in the borough and AP providers to support over 2000 pupils to study in alternative provision settings. 

Previous 2016 winner, Annie Kennedy, said:

“I was lost but now I have a plan for my future. I was grateful for the opportunity of Alternative provisions when I was in Year 11.”

The 2017 Overall Award Winner, Shane Pita, said:

“When I won the award I was so proud and felt like I had finally got somewhere, School did not suit me, but since I have been on AP I have turned a corner and now have a future.”

Havering strives to ensure all children and young people are supported through education to achieve their desired qualifications.