Restaurant manager jailed as Havering turns up the heat on council tax dodgers

Published: Friday, 11 August 2017

A council tax dodger has paid up after being jailed for owing over £9,000 in council tax.

Last week (Monday 31 July), the council received full payment of £9,372.33 from Mr Atique Choudrey, Manager of a restaurant in Hornchurch, who was found guilty for non-payment of £8,827.33 council tax over a period of eight years and was sentenced to 90-days imprisonment.

Following months of persistent reminders and court summons from the council, Mr Choudrey finally turned himself in at Havering Town Hall on 12 June, where he was arrested.

Mr Choudrey’s full payment of £9,372.33 included £8,827.33 of unpaid council tax, £145 for no appearance at the court hearing in February and an extra £400 towards this year’s council tax.  

Councillor Clarence Barrett, Cabinet Member for Financial Management, Transformation and IT said: “This should be a clear message that we that we will not tolerate non-payment of council tax in the borough. It’s a very serious offence and we are cracking down on this; whether it’s council tax or business rates it is important they are all paid in full.  

“If you’re having difficulties paying your council tax, please contact us at We are here to help and would prefer to know about any changes in your financial situations as early as possible.”