Freedom pass deadline

Published: Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The Council is contacting over 1,100 of the approximately 50,000 residents with Older People’s Freedom Passes asking them to confirm they still live in the borough and that they are still eligible for a Pass from Havering.

A letter has been sent to the address on file, and if the Pass holder still lives there they have until week ending Friday 26 May to let the Council know and that their pass is still valid.  Those who have moved, but are still in Havering, are asked to provide evidence of the change of address.

The Council will also attempt to contact people by telephone where possible.

Barbara Nicholls, Director of Adult Social Care and Health, said:

“We need to ensure that we have the correct information about our Freedom Pass holders in the borough. People who move out of the borough or don’t tell us their change of address may have passes that will be invalid. If someone moves to another borough they will need a new pass issued by that local authority.”

“It is vital that people who get a letter from us do not ignore it and get in touch with us by the deadline.”

For information on eligibility for Freedom Passes visit