Voluntary and community sector and VCS referral form

We have partnered with a range of charitable enterprises to deliver a range of services that are available for anyone, regardless of their immigration status or access to public funds.


House of Polish and European Community, is an organisation that provides basic guidance around immigration, visa applications and BRP. HOPEC also provide access to social services aimed at fostering a sense of inclusion and community.

Efforts in this realm have included establishing regular coffee mornings, allowing others from a similar cultural background to come and share their experiences of life in the UK.

Rainham Foodbank

Rainham Foodbank offers a limited range of certified English Language Lessons (ESOL) allowing newly settled individuals to boost their English proficiency, improve social and communication skills, and foster a greater quality of life for new residents.

Additionally, RFB provides a setting for guests to come together and practice their conversational English, sharing stories, laughs and homemade food in a casual, welcoming environment.

Rainham foodbank also offers counselling for those who require access to support administered on a 1-1 basis.


While also an established national organisation, the local branch of Mind have partnered with Havering in order to specifically support newly settled individuals.

Mind have created a new digital platform for newly settled residents who require support with mental health.

From dealing with bereavement to witnessing violence, this website gives information on how to approach this trauma in a safe and healthy way.

Information here is available in a range of languages.

Mind also offers counselling split into affected groups to allow for specialist support to be provided with face to face support available for newly settled residents that are ready to access help and guidance independently.

Havering Changing

Havering Changing operate a community café which is open three times a week (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday).

The café is a place for newly settled individuals to come together to take part in a raft of social activities design to foster long term community bonds.

The café is staffed by newly settled residents, offering a chance to get practical work experience within the local community and gain accreditation in areas such as Food Hygiene.

Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) referral

The Havering Resettlement Support team are pleased to offer VCS organisations an opportunity to refer Havering residents who need support and have been granted their leave to remain in the UK within the last 6 months.

The areas of support include the following.

  • Benefits advice and support (UC/child benefits/housing costs/PIP)
  • School support (admissions, free school meals, uniforms)
  • Employability pathways (jobs fairs, CV workshops, volunteering)
  • English language assessment referrals (adult)
  • GP registrations
  • Emergency support assistance (finance, food referrals and clothing)
  • Social connections and community inclusion
  • How to rent in the private rented sector
  • Provisional housing affordability assessments

Referal form

Please complete the form and the team will be in touch shortly.

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Contact homesforukraine@havering.gov.uk with any questions.


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