Havering in Bloom

Havering in Bloom image of a back garden2022 competition

The 2022 Havering in Bloom competition opened on 23 May 2022 and closed on 2 September 2022.


  • Best Front Garden
  • Best Back Garden
  • Best Communal Garden
  • Best Hanging Basket
  • Tallest Sunflower
  • Best School Display

Havering in Bloom winners 2022

Best back garden

Havering in Bloom 2022 Lily Crosby garden

1st - Lily Crosby
2nd - Mr Alan Wait
3rd - Colin Ridley

Best front garden

Havering in Bloom 2022 Parminder Singh garden

1st - Parminder Singh 
2nd - Bev Walker
3rd - Jack Hart

Best communal garden

Havering in Bloom 2022 Fambridge Court garden

1st - Residents at Fambridge Court 
2nd - Ivy Oaten
3rd - Carol Gibson

Best hanging basket

Havering in Bloom 2022 Denise Willis garden basket

1st - Denise Willis
2nd - Carol Roberts
3rd - Peter Cox

Best school display

Havering in Bloom 2022 Drapers School

1st - Drapers Academy
2nd - Harrow Lodge Primary School
3rd - The Bridge School

Tallest sunflower

Havering in Bloom 2022 Jessica Primrose sunflower

1st - Jessica Primrose Reynolds – 192 inches
2nd - John Prentice – 132 inches
3rd - Simone Smit – 118.11 inches

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