Appeal for a school place

Every parent has a right to appeal against decisions made by the Admissions Authority if their child did not get a place at their preferred school.

The Education Appeals Secretariat deals with all appeals for the schools for which Havering Council is responsible, and those for most Voluntary Aided, Foundation schools and Academies in Havering.

If your child has a Full Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) or an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) then you must contact the SEN team on 01708 431885 for their appeals process, you cannot submit your appeal here.

We recommend you still accept the place your child has been offered. This will not affect your appeal and will guarantee your child has a school place if your appeal is unsuccessful. If your appeal is successful you must remember to tell the school you were originally offered that you no longer require the place.

If your child is due to start Reception, Year 7 or 6th Form in September you can appeal against the decision not to offer you one of your preferred schools by completing the below form:

Appeal for a child starting Reception / Year 7 / 6th Form in September

If your child is already in education and you have completed an In-Year Application Form (ICAF), you can appeal against the decision not to offer you your preferred school by completing the below form:

Submit an in year appeal

How the appeals process works

The following document explains how the appeals process works and will help you to appeal against an Authority's decision not to offer your child a place at your preferred school(s).

School admissions appeal guidance for appellants

It is intended to help you understand:

  • The appeal process and the different types of appeal
  • What will happen at an appeal hearing; and
  • How the Appeal Panel will make its decision on your appeal

Schools appeals timetable

The timetable for appeals is now available to view below


The dates in the timetable are given as guidance only and are subject to change, but any change will be notified directly to you.

Please note that you will be notified of the exact time and date of your appeal at least a week before it is due.

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