Top tasks

Make a full plans applicationThis is the most detailed application suitable for larger, more complex projects.
Make a building notices applicationThis procedure does not involve the passing or rejecting of plans. It enables building work to get underway quickly.
Book a site visitA building control site inspection involves us visiting your site to check that the work does not breach the building regulations.
Track the progress of your applicationPlease have your reference number or the property details ready to use the tracker.
Make a building regularisation applicationThis is a procedure for submitting an application retrospectively for unauthorised work controllable under the building regulations..

If you would like to speak to a building inspector please call 01708 433100 between 9am – 10am Monday to Friday, after this time they are then out of the office carrying out their inspections for the rest of the day.

Building control regulations with regards to Duty Holders changed on 1 October 2023.

Read about the changes for Duty Holders